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Small Business Profit Builder System:
Facebook Marketing Made Easy complete guide and program
LinkedIn Marketing Guide with a Cheat Sheet, Mind Map, Checklist and a Bonus LinkedIn Report
Social Media Authority Guide - How to setup ALL profiles in Social Media for maximmun exposure.
Pinterest Training Guide, Mind Map and Cheat Sheet

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Small Business Profit Builder System?

RESULTS! Through the years we have helped over ten thousand people increase their income and minimize their tax liability and we can help YOU TOO!

Join the Small Business Profit Builder System TODAY and have access to these and more programs as they become available 


COMPLETE WordPress Tutorial Guide and Videos, as USED by the PROS who charge Thousand of dollars to setup a WordPress website and Secure it! Mega Graphics files, SEO and WordPress Security tutorials!

See Course Guide info ->

Facebook Marketing Made Easy

COMPLETE Facebook Marketing Made Easy Tutorial Guide with Videos, Mind Map, Cheat Sheet and as an added BONUS: The Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tricks!

Each of these is a COMPLETE TURNKEY PROGRAM with a Made Easy Training Guide, Marketing Cheat Sheet, Marketing Mind Map, High Converting Sales Copy, Marketing and Branding Graphics, Email Swipe Files, Social Media Graphics, Video Training Guides, Blog Content and training videos to help you succeed.


Pinterest Made Easy


Our Turnkey Programs are designed to help YOU turn a PROFIT within DAYS!


LinkedIn is the Largest Professional Network in the WORLD! This Complete LinkedIn Marketing Course Guide with Mind Map, Cheat Sheet, Resource Guide and Training Videos will HELP YOU PLACE YOUR ONLINE AND OFFLINE PROFILE ABOVE THE REST!

Social Media AUTHORITY

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The Small Business Profit Builder System

Has Powerful Life Changing Tools!

12 Step Sales Letter Formula

Even the pros use proven "sales templates" to create sales letters  and presentations that get results every time.

In our members area The 12-step template for writing foolproof sales letters or video sales letters (VSL) will open your eyes to creating better sales copy. You will also see it being applied on you after you understand it.

Understand the TWO Income Systems


There are two tax systems in the United States. One pertains to employed individuals, Who have a daily job and answer to a boss (W-2 employees) and the other is for business owners.

* W-2 employees are the most heavily taxed entity of the two systems.

Truly understanding the difference between the WAGE SYSTEM and the PROFIT SYSTEM will set drive your AGI/PROFIT LINE - WE WILL get into GREAT detail in our members area 

More Month than Check, yup, we been there!
The General Accounting Office has reported that small business tax filers have overpaid their taxes by approximately $183 Billion dollars to the IRS. That represents about $9,300 per business owner.
Facebook Marketing Made Easy
With the Facebook marketing complete insiders guide you get a complete, updated for 2015, system with :

  • Cheat Sheets...
  • Checklists...
  • Mind Map...
  • High Converting Sales Copy...
  • Swipe Emails to Use (paste-n-copy)...
  • Animated Banners...
    and much more.... as we update as Facebook changes..
Cool Right… But What Else Does the Small Business Profit Builder System Have? 

Private Facebook Group
In our Private Facebook Group page you will be associate with other like minded people, share ideas and discuss options!

Over a 100 Videos Tutorials
I am a visual person, I need to see it! I think that many people are like me, so there are TONS of videos. Just the WordPress Members Area Section has well over 50 videos tutorials.

Weekly Webinars
Live and a bank of pre-recorded webinars tutorials ranging from helping you to MAKE MORE and how to KEEP MORE of YOU MAKE!

Email Swipe Files

Complete Sequence of emails templates. Just copy and paste! ALL pre-done for you!

How easy can that be?

With the Small Business Profit Builder System You Can Create a Complete NEW Source of Income!

What's more important?

Make More or Keep More of What YOU Make?

I Dare YOU!

To the uninformed, April 15 is TAX DAY - The Entrepreneur know better!

Small business are the back-bone of any economy. Governments all over the world will fund developing enterprises. The US Government is no different and Congress has PASSED HUGE tax breaks and benefits for small businesses. This benefits can slash a tax liability by 40% - to 50% and even more, much more if you know where to look and you DON'T have to wait to April 15th or a refund at the beginning of the year - it can happen RIGHT NOW!      So in essence, Uncle Sam, can and will help YOU get started RIGHT NOW!

Would an extra few hundreds dollar a month RIGHT NOW help you get started?

The 5 SUPER Simple steps to get the Government to fund your new Small Home-Based Business immediately and receive your first funds within TWO weeks!


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Once you create an account, you can use the Support link in the bottom-left of the admin panel. You are always welcome to e-mail if you have any questions prior to enrolling or heck, even after that... 

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