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The Wellness Industry


Our opportunity leverages two of the

greatest trends of this century,

Health & Wellness and the Network Marketing Home-Based Business Model.


Both are experiencing explosive growth, and will continue to climb at a rapid pace for the foreseeable future.


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Health and Wellness

There is a growing understanding that $1.4 Trillion that we spend on medical care here in the United States alone, does not represent health or healthcare but rather "Sickcare".


The so termed "healthcare" industry has very little to do with preventing illness. The medical community has been conditioned to tell patients that health challenges such as arthritis, and other common ailments, are simply a sign of aging; when in most cases they are the result of poor nutrition.

There is a growing use of the word Wellness. As an industry it represents any money spent to make you feel healthier, even when you're not sick by standard medical terms.

Today the food industry represents about one trillion dollars in annual spending. The sickness business is another trillion. These two industries support each other because

such a big part of sickness is caused by the poor nutrition supplied by the food industry. These two industries combined represent two trillion dollars in spending. Together they support the startling United States obesity statistics with 61 % of Americans being overweight.

There is a new economic sector developing. A growing segment of the population who is

trying to figure out ways to be healthier and in most cases they are looking outside of the medical community. They are going to fitness clubs, watching their diet, taking the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, and investigating supplements and other products that support their wellness.


In the year 2000, wellness in America was already a $200 billion industry; about half of that is composed of the $24 billion spent on fitness clubs plus the $70 billion spent on vitamins and minerals. This $200 billion was hardly a blip on the radar ten years ago.


Fueling the rapid growth of the wellness sector is the consumer group known as The Baby Boomers.


The Baby Boomers (currently ages 35 through 55) are a powerful economic force. Baby Boomers represent only 28 percent of our population - yet the group represents 50 percent of our economy. Baby Boomers are the first generation that we know of in recorded history, which refuse to accept the aging process. Up until now, the Baby Boomer marketing mind has been all about how to make them feel younger, and how to help them remember what it was like to be young. Now it has gone a step further. Today, Boomers are starting to buy things that actually make them younger! This has only just begun. Most people don't even know there are such products.



Expert Projections



As the rest of this 50 percent buying power group learn about wellness, this sector will explode. It has already gone from virtually zero in 1990 to $200 billion today. It's easy to see that this $200 billion will become one trillion - or more - by the year 2010. - Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned Economist


You only need to read one of many countless best selling books on these subjects,

such as  Rich Dad, Poor Dad,   by Robert T. Kiyosaki


The Next Trillion by Paul Zane Pilzer who says,


"The Health & Wellness Industry will become a

TRILLION DOLLAR industry by 2010"

Listen to Paul Zane Pilzer,

from the National Best Seller


"The Next Trillion"


Your Opportunity

Membership Marketing is a 36 billion dollar industry in the United States. Of the estimated one million millionaires in America today, more than 20% have earned their fortunes over the previous six years through network marketing. Worldwide there are over 3.5 million millionaires, and more than 700,000 (20%) have made their millions via network marketing. Conservative calculations estimate that network marketing in America is creating 40 new millionaires every month from average people. This means that a person's greatest chance of financial success is through "networking"

This  is, by far, the most exciting and rewarding industry anywhere. Anyone who is willing to put forth the effort can be a phenomenal success in a surprisingly short period of time.



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